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Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Alpine Process has delivered presentations to a wide range of groups, large and small, from mountain guides and other mountain professionals to corporate groups and conferences far removed from the mountain environment. With exciting stories and visuals, we can help illustrate the importance of process when making decisions in the face of uncertainty, whether in the mountains or in the boardroom. We are happy to present in person or online and can create a presentation that is tailored to meet your needs.

Leadership Training

One of the most important aspects of the decision making process is "Framing." In the mountains, having a clear understanding of the goals, risk tolerance and desired outcomes of all stakeholders involved helps to guide the decision making process throughout the day, week or season. If we choose objectives based simply on the conditions and what we think is appropriate, we may end up providing an experience that people don't enjoy or appreciate, or worse an experience that was beyond their personal risk tolerance. It important as a leader to set the tone for your team and facilitate ways to establish an appropriate frame. By using the mountain environment, we can create a presentation and exercises that focus on how to estabish a clear frame.

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